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Lisa Yvette Pearson
One Woman's Journey of Faith via Jesus + Google Maps

One Woman's Journey of Faith via Jesus and Google Maps


My Journey of Faith...


Faith is an action word.

I found that out by accident (but on purpose), somewhere between leaving a full-time job after thirteen years with no back up plan and leaving my hometown of Brooklyn with $200 and no destination; with no one but Jesus and Google Maps as my guide.

Spoiler alert: I ended up in Oklahoma City.

I recorded it all, and will soon share with the world. Because: miracles.

But there was a big lesson in there, in between the highlights and disappointments: Your destiny is awaiting you on the other side of your obedience. And obedience will require you to move. 

Sometimes, you'll get scared because of the unknown, sometimes because you realize you're not as strong as you thought. "I would never do that" becomes, "I can't believe I did that"  when like Peter, you (I) didn't live up to your (my) own self-proclaimed loyalty to Jesus. Yet, He loved me and kept me like He will love and keep you.

I don't have all the answers, but my mission is to challenge believers to be intentional in their walk with Jesus Christ. I am a vessel for His glory; a vehicle (like Uber?) to help move you along on your journey, by faith, from one level with Him to another by sharing my trial-by-fire testimony. The journey is where the shaping and fine-tuning goes down. It's where you become who God has created you to be.

Just know that God can call you an Uber, but He can't make you get in.

The decision to move full speed into your destiny is yours.


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