It's a Revival!

Sunday, September 10, 2016

I don’t know what the day holds for me, but I sit in the hotel parking lot for a few hours. It’s Sunday. Not too many apartments have showings. And I’m not sure what exactly to do. On Google Maps, there is a church near the one apartment that has showings on Sunday. That could be a sign. Besides, if the Lord has sent me to Charlotte, I can at least look at places I may want to live. And it would be beyond convenient if the church I was going to attend was right there.

Driving over there was easy. Google maps for the win. The area was yet a different part of Charlotte. I liked it. The apartment was cute and spacious. The balcony door let a lot of light in. I liked that, but the view was Rea Rd, plus the church, stores, and businesses across the way. I think I like trees and stuff as part of my view. This is too exposed and dare I say, urban?

Me. The Brooklyn girl. Ha!

But what I love about Charlotte is how green and lush it is. It's Eden-like in some places. I want to see that. Eden. Not the concrete courtyards that I could see in New York. Another thing I noticed was that the people don’t seem too diverse based on who I’d seen walking about and driving. I ask the leasing agent if the people are friendly, she answers quickly, “Yes! Sometimes a little too friendly.” Okay.

I leave there and visit an apartment up the street. It’s really cute. And the trees are leafy. The grounds have lots of flowers and shrubs. And on sight, I see a variety of people. A Latina. An Asian/Indian man. A few black and Latino little kids attending a party. A white couple. And the apartment she wants to show me has a pond with a fountain and lots of greenery as the view.

God, if Charlotte is for me, this would be perfect.

And then I go to church. While visiting the first apartment complex, I saw a lot of car activity at the church across the street. When I googled, I learned there was a revival! I'm not exactly a revival under the church tent person, but I am thirsty for the Word and a move of the Lord. When I get there, there are signs that say to turn on your hazards (blinkers, I believe they say in the South) if you are visiting for the first time. I do this. They are crazy enthusiastic about new people. It makes me feel welcome. Then they steered me into a parking area right at the front. That’s great customer service. Come to find out, this revival is eleven days long. They are on day three and Christine Caine is speaking today. The only thing that could top how amazing she was, was that Joyce Meyer is speaking the next day.

And what Christine Caine has for me is a Word that applies to my life.

First, she talked about the fact that there are too many unbelieving believers, which I once was. I’d say I believed and then be disobedient because I was afraid. How much do you believe if you don’t believe that what God is telling you to do is for your own good and for His glory? Had I not believed with my actions, I would have still been sitting in my house in New York. And you wouldn't be reading this account of a bizarre journey no one but God could have orchestrated. I mean, what else would you be doing right now?! Tuh. 

Hope you reacted like that. :-)

Then she goes to Isaiah 43:18. “Forget the former things…see I AM DOING A NEW THING. Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” God is telling us, “You haven’t even seen what I can do!”

I am excited by this; revived even! I’ve finally put my faith where my mouth is. I am in Charlotte. In a new place. Doing a new thing. Does He mean a new thing here? I sure hoped so.

This is my journey of faith with Jesus as my navigator and Google Maps as my back up.


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