Queen City or Bust...

As I sat and waited, I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do.


Y’all. I nearly jumped from my seat. He said Charlotte! After being sent home that time I wanted to relocate there, I was excited! I'd gotten to visit twice and fell in love with the place just like I knew I would. But first, I went to the scripture. And it was Ezekiel. [Insert sad face emoji.] The last time I saw Ezekiel he ran me out of my house!  But this time, it’s bursting with promise! It’s the scripture about the Valley of Dry Bones where the prophet commands to speak to those things that were dead and bring them back to life. Charlotte wasn’t exactly dead in my heart. But she was on life support. I had hope. My heart is bursting with happiness.

But I need rest.

I ask God if I can turn the phone on. The Scripture returns with confirmation.

The phone was off because when I'd gone to pay, I heard God tell me to wait. I didn't know why. Looking back, it seems I needed to be out of communication with everyone I knew. Anyone I knew, except maybe one or two people, would have planted seeds of doubt in my head or told me I'd heard wrong. I'd been there before. 

First call. Mom, then Sis. Both of whom I assure I am alright.

Then I text my sister-friend who lives up in the mountains of Pennsylvania. It’s two in the afternoon. She replies immediately. She’s working from home today. And yes, I can crash on her couch.


She is the one who knows what I know (but way more) and how God moves and understands the process that I am going through. We used to call her Church Lady. She never minded. Even when we partied our lives away in our twenties and early thirties - that was her name. It wasn't a dis. It was her doing her. One day, she made a decision and yes, we continued partying without her. But I never forgot that. She'd chosen Jesus.  

At her home, I shower, wash my hair and wash out my clothes. I feel grimy. My mother made mention of my process of cleaning myself up in the Target bathroom was as if I were homeless.

If I never do anything else but preach the gospel, I will find a way to help people who do not have someplace to live. I never knew what it felt like to not know how I would shower. Or wash my clothes. Or brush my teeth. I once saw a portable shower bus that catered to the homeless. And I want in on providing or funding that service one day. Maybe this trip is about seeing all the things I took and take for granted. I don't know. But I want to help. And I want you to help, too.

Anyway, I tell her a bit of what’s been happening. She prays with me. I don’t even eat. I am too tired. I go to bed. It may be about seven or eight o'clock. Around three in the morning, I wake from a terrible dream. There was witchcraft and fire and foolishness happening. And I hear the Lord tell me to get up; to sit up in the bed. It’s dark. It’s quiet. No one is awake. I pray and pray.

The Periscope notification chirps. The young prophet is on.

He says, "It is finished." I nearly jump off the bed. He says that you have to speak life into your situation...like the Valley of Dry Bones.


Seriously. I want you to hear what I’m saying to you.

God confirms what He tells you. He wants you to be certain that it’s Him.

I'm going to go deep for a second. See, some prophets come up to you and tell you things that you don’t know. Or the things they are telling you are so vague. They could be true or not true. The Word tells you to test every spirit. Know why? They may not be prophets of the Most High God, but false prophets and people who partake in other spiritual practices of the occult to confuse you or tell you something that will cause you to discredit a true prophet. But one of the signs of a true prophetic confirmation from God is an exact repetition of a Word He has previously spoken to you in the rhema (hearing His voice) or in the Scripture.

I fell asleep on the young Prophet. Sometimes when God answers my call, I receive a peace that allows me to sleep quickly and soundly.  

I awakened early. The sun is barely up. The sky is grey. The Lord whispers my friend’s name to me. I knocked on her door.

Come in Lee. Tell me what’s weighing on you.

And so I did.

She is yet another sister that the Lord has blessed me with.

I met her when I was fourteen. I think it was in a Spanish class. We’ve had our off and on seasons. But she’s always been steadfast in the Lord where I floundered. I showed up in a season in her life when she needed me. And she has shown up in my life in the same way. 

I spilled my guts about my whole journey up ‘til then. She reminded me that I could not disappoint God because He already knew everything I would do or not do. (Jeremiah 1:5.) I found tremendous peace in that. Deciphering the voice of God can be heavy. It has made me want to tune Him out at times. And then I think about the possible consequences. Agggh. 

I showered while she made breakfast and the Spirit whispered sternly to me it was time to get going. Our goodbyes are lengthy because we find ten million more things to talk about before I roll out. But finally, I do. It's a warm day. Mercifully, it's cloudy. That cools off the temperature in my car tremendously.


I double check at a pit stop. Am I supposed to go to Charlotte? Because I want to be certain it’s God talking, and not me. Acts 16:34 says, “Go in peace.”

I wondered what the rush was. I found out when the sunset. I hate driving in the dark.


The Spirit tells me to call my friend in Charlotte. I call, but don’t get her. I text her. She replies that she is out of town. I don’t know why the Spirit would have me call her if I wasn’t to catch up with her, but what do I know? 

I check into a hotel. Not a bad hotel, but not a great one. It smells sickly sweet and the woman at the front desk is peculiar and not in a good way. I have to stay. I've already paid and can't afford to find a different place.

Still, it felt great to shower and rest. What a day.

This is my journey of faith with Jesus as my navigator and Google Maps as my back up.


See you next Monday for installment five of No Parking! (Click HERE to catch up if you've missed parts one and two!)

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