Good Housekeeping

I like housekeeping. It sweeps up the dirt. It straightens the pillows. It changes the sheets and makes the bed.

When we come in from a day of working, playing, or praising, the home is kept, not cast aside. It is in order. We can rest comfortably. If the house is not kept, chaos ensues. We don't like chaos. We don't want chaos. We want to crawl underneath the clean sheets to rest, read, pray, or just plain relax. 

Don't be in a rush to forward this to someone who needs straightening out. Because we always know someone who needs to "get her life." But take the time to examine your own house: the cobwebs in the corners and who you allow into it. It makes for a life of peace - even when the walls are falling around us.

This housekeeping blog is designed for my home to be in order. These are my thoughts, revelations and my experiences; things I've learned from or questioned. As I said, it keeps my house in order. When I share it is so that yours will be, too.

I hope you enjoy.