Rabbit's Lucky Number E-BOOK (ADULT CONTENT)

Rabbit's Lucky Number E-BOOK (ADULT CONTENT)


When superstar basketball player, Rodney "Hot Rod" Barrus returns to Brooklyn to play for the Skyscrapers, Adrienne Lucas's peaceful life is eclipsed by memories of that fateful summer of 1986.

ADULT CONTENT: rape/sexual violence, language

Recommended for 14+ with conversation to follow.

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Note for Christian readers especially - The original text contained foul language. This version also contains foul language. But less of it. Here's why: We don't live in a world where we get to isolate ourselves from the ills of life. We encounter these things regularly - and even partake. Yes. We do. The characters are who they are: naive, ignorant, vile, manipulative, loving, needing acceptance, and especially human. Everyone is flawed. Everything you read is part of showing the long-lasting and sometimes lifetime after effects of being violated sexually. If it's not for you, that's okay. But read it to understand. Or don't. 


Read more about our characters by clicking HERE. <-- That's where you'll get the backstory on the men and women you'll grow to either love or hate!