Drive Baby, Drive

Photo by ViDi Studio/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ViDi Studio/iStock / Getty Images

No more parking.  

In order for a car to move, the driver has to shift gears. If we need to back up, we shift into R/Reverse, if it needs to be pushed, we shift into N/Neutral, and to go forward, we shift into D/Drive.

Faith works the same way. 

There are times when we don't get the lesson that God is trying to give (shove down our throats) because we don't want to. It's that simple. We close our eyes, sitting parked in the same place, and complain that we're stuck. We are. And it's our own fault! We sit still praying, but ignoring God's commands and instructions because: 

  • "That's crazy. I'm not doing that."  
  • "People are going to laugh at me. I'm not doing that."
  • "I really don't think God wants me to do that. Because that makes no sense." 

There is no ground gained. We are in neutral. No forward movement and no backward movement unless pushed by our circumstances - and then we react based on our emotions which, typically, does not end well. Then, there comes a reverse that happens and we find ourselves backing up to the old and comfortable things, because, duh they are old and comfortable like our favorite jeans. New requires breaking those jeans in with stretching and bending. And that is the truth, so help me God. 

When we do that, however, we choose the path we're on because refusing to take action is just as much a choice as taking action. We end up repeating the same situation, reversing any progress we may have made. Do you remember as kids, how some of our classmates would have to repeat a grade? Maybe it was you? (I do not mean to be callous. You will see what I mean.) The following year, that classmate had to repeat that level all over again because according to the teacher, he or she had not received enough instruction to be prepared enough for the next year/level.

Some kids flourished because they needed the lessons repeated. And others, whether they needed it or not, perceived the repetition with shame. 

Do you know anyone like that?

What's required for you to see your prayers answered is action. You can believe, and yes, God absolutely answers prayers that require nothing of you. BUT the answer to those other prayers will require you to shift your gears from park to drive while remembering the lessons learned. 

My life changed significantly when I shifted. And on the flip side, I have lost a few things just this past year (despite knowing better) while sitting in "park" for too long. That, too, was part of the lesson. I thought I had arrived and had this obeying God thing down pat. No. The struggle between my will and God's will pops up from time to time where He has to show me that I constantly need Him and that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. (John 14:6)

Last month, we talked about the importance of knowing when seasons are over. And part of moving into a new season, is shifting.

What has God been telling you to do that you've been stalled on? Where have you been parked too long? How much longer will you be stuck in the same place waiting for God to move, not realizing it's you who isn't moving? ⚠️


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