A 90's R&B Love Letter From Jesus...

This inspired love letter is courtesy of Psalm 23, The O’Jays, Raheem DeVaughn, Mario, Janet Jackson, Tony, Toni, Tone, Keith Sweat, and Jagged Edge.


Baby, Baby, Baby,

My darling, darling Baby.
I wanna restore your hope. Forget about the past, this here’s gon’ last.

Yes, My love lasts. Through your joys and tears, jubilance and moodiness, your growth spurts and stagnant spells, your aqua blue hair and your Groucho Marx eyebrow phase – My love endures.

When you’re doubtful or your enemies attack, or you’ve waded back into the pool of sin – I stick by you, walking through it with you. I’m the original ride or die! And, when you’re dead wrong, I’m there, too, lovingly correcting you.

Whatever you want, Girl, you know I will provide.
Whatever you need – Psalm 23 verses one to five (and six).