Following Jesus


Following Jesus will require you, at times, to walk away from the crew. That can mean other Christians as well. It's not that you don't love them, but it's just that God often needs you to focus all your attention on Him without distraction. Or because He needs to wean you off people so that you work to please Him. Or He will separate you because He has work for you to do that does not require a consensus or approval. And sometimes, it's because everyone who calls themselves Christians are not followers of Jesus. 

I've met people of the faith who I think would be wonderful to collaborate with on building the Kingdom of God and God will say, "Nope."  

Or there will be people who I've connected with who say they believe in Christ, but my obedience frustrates them or they think they have a better interpretation of what God has said, that contradicts the Word and what I know in my spirit to be true. Never mind what God has told them to do that they haven't. That's not a judgment. I've battled with my own disobedience and knew it was my lack of faith (fear) that delayed my actions. It also showed me where I had certain weaknesses. So when I hear people (especially those who've been in the church forever) say they're not doing something God told them, I understand. But I have no choice but to gently ask, "What do you mean you're not going to do what God told you to do? You crazy?!" I say it with love though. Always with love. For real. :-)

And then there are those who you'll meet who tell you they love Jesus, but they're seriously living by following their horoscope or asking the Universe or aligning chakras or visiting a tarot reader or reading crystals or burning sage and a heap of hoot nanny that is witchcraft.

If that's what you believe, I invite you to come to Jesus. But if you believe in Jesus Christ, don't nobody got time for that. Those are lower case gods and well, repent, change your mind and don't look back. The Most High God will not tolerate or share your attention with these gods and will remove his presence. (1Kings 9:6-7)

So yeah, walking with the Lord often requires a left turn or right turn when everyone is going straight. Because sometimes those walking straight and being "popular" or doing things because that's what everyone else is doing are headed where I am not interested in going. To eternal damnation. It's not always easy, but it gets easier. And it's worth it.