Confessions of a Faithful Slacker: 7 Steps to Renewing Your Relationship with Christ

She's here! The baby's finally here! 

I wonder if God loves me.  I have no idea what a Haggai is.  I’ll never be perfect, so why try? I feel like God has deserted me. I sometimes think He doesn’t even exist anymore.  I confess I need help. I want to really know more about who God is.

If any of this sounds familiar, this book is for you.

This is not a quick-fix book or a self-help book. Renewing your relationship with Jesus Christ takes time, and you cannot do it alone. This book is an invitation to a fresher and more fulfilling relationship with God. It will help you renew your connection and restore your trust and faith in Him.

He loves you. And He wants you back.


Those words are from the back cover of "Confessions of a Faithful Slacker," but for a lot of the time that I called myself a Christian, these were my thoughts. I'd block God out of life when I wanted to do what I wanted to do. Then, when my feelings got hurt or I felt like nothing, guess where I crawled? Right back to His arms. There were a few moments where He revealed some things to me, but a real turning point was when He revealed I was "lukewarm - neither hot nor cold - I am about to spit you out of my mouth." (Revelations 3:16)


It took a few trials, with me being hard-headed and ridiculously stupid and selfish, but finally, I submitted my heart to Him for the first of many times.

I didn't join every church ministry and wear a fancy hat as big as Noah's Ark so I'd be seen. It was a private moment: the beginning of a real relationship.

It was painful, it was awkward, it was life changing. 

This is what He wants for you.

Don't take my word for it. Okay, maybe you can BECAUSE God gave me the words to say.

But I promise you will be better from reading this book with an open heart - even when you get mad. :-)  

I'm not the same person I was. You won't be the same person you were either.