New Things...

So, I've been away from blogging for a bit. The Lord had me in a place of quiet where I could only share tidbits here and there. I didn't create much of anything. I just spent my time in His presence and tending to relationships with people I love. It was great and frustrating. I am built to create.

So what did I do while I couldn't create? I went to Florida for my niece's birthday and hung out with my sister for six weeks. I should be in great shape. I ran after an 18 month old who moves faster than your age after you hit thirty-five, wrestled with a ten year old over the remote because: when in Rome, you, too behave like a ten year old, and I tended my sister's garden with my seven year old niece, now nicknamed the Junior Plant Doctor.

This is what we planted...




About two years ago, I used to have her 'help' me water some baby plants I kept on the windowsill. When the tiny sprouts would come up, she (and I) would be so excited. She even liked to help me in the garden - until any unidentifiable bug flew by. I don't know if she likes planting or if she just likes hanging out with me. I do know, she didn't like the bugs.

During my stay, I sat out in the sun nearly everyday. Some days with my Bible, some days with my face turned to the sky, taking in the beauty of His creation. I'm a simple girl. I, like my niece, like (controlled) nature. The snake in the yard, get thee behind me! And the geckos, y'all cool until you run out of the bushes unannounced. Being back in New York, I miss my family and being outdoors. But all seasons must come to an end. And toward the end of that season, God planted some new seeds in me, a book called How to Pray: A Simple 3-Step Guide for Christians Who Were Afraid to Ask. 

I'm back.

With some seeds that I pray will bloom beautifully in your life.