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'Twas the Night Before The First Day


Twas the night before the first day of school
And all through the city
Were the teachers who pondered
Oh where summer did flee
Took so long to arrive
And how quickly she left
Classrooms would soon open
There’d be children at desks
Would the parents be helpful
Or bring stress to my life?
Would the children be peaceful
Or a group filled with strife?

It’s hard out there for a teacher.

Sure, from the outside it appears they have the perk of two entire months of paid vacation. They do. But teacher time is different from regular people time. July is to Saturday what August is to Sunday. And September is like the dreaded Monday: here too soon. From the outside it looks like they just stand up in front of the students and talk all day.  No big deal. But that’s wrong. Wrong, I say... 

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