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"Watch me whip. And watch me Nae Nae. Watch me whip, whip. And watch me Nae Nae."

I don’t care what Holy Ghost umbrella you tried to sit under this summer, it is highly likely that you heard this song coming out of speakers near you.

At block parties, barbecues, and reunions across the country people charged the dance floor. On Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, people posted their own versions of it. Kids, mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, you name it. They whipped and they nae nae’d. And I get it. It’s catchy and fun. It invites the children (and adults) to add yet another song to their line dance repertoire. Move over Electric Slide, the Wobble, and the ChaCha Slide. Watch Me Whip is here!

This craze, fortunately, is cool because it’s kid-friendly. And we, as folk, just love a group dance. Period.

But there are some songs and behaviors and beliefs that also spread like wildfire amongst the kids. Things that aren’t so kid-friendly. And it happens at school.

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