You Get A Gift! And You Get A Gift!


I loooove this picture. It's so bright and colorful and...abundant!  It's on my vision board. In my future, I certainly fancy more gifts and more goodies in my life.

And I pray that I do everything in my power to get them - by using the ones I have now to bless others. Yall thought I was shallow, didn't you? :-)

On my vision board, I'm not on the receiving end of Oprah's generosity. Rather, I am Oprah. Give or take a few billions. And in essence, she does exactly what I am striving for: serving others. Everyone talks about the best giveaways, but what she really gives is her time and effort to being who she was called to be so you can do the same! When I die, I want to have used every single gift God gave me for the good, the upliftment, and the enjoyment of others - all to His glory.

Let us be the servants in the Parable of the Talents who got five talents and returned ten to the Master. Or even the servant who got two and returned four. Because that is how you serve God.

If the words on these blogs serve to help someone learn something and/or earn something, and draw nearer to God, that is service to God. If you have used your gift (of hospitality, painting, dancing, teaching, encouraging, etc.) then you're serving Him too! 

And that's all He really wants. 

At the end of the day, my goal is to have served God with these gifts and encourage others to do the same. (It's not to unwrap a brand new paid for and insured car that I won't have to sell a kidney to pay off. Or unwrap a tiny box with a check made out to Sallie Mae. I swear. Though that would be, as my Trinidadian friends would say, "rellll nice.")

At the end of the day, or better yet, this lifetime, the goal is not to have buried the gift in the ground (or in the back of your mind.) It is to wheel it out on a hand truck for someone else to unwrap! 

Because THAT is how you serve up gifts. (Sequins are optional.)

Happy Wednesday to you!