By the time you read this, the Confederate Flag will have been removed from the South Carolina State House. Hooray for small victories!

Over the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend, I snapped this picture at the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian. Did I mention that I just love Washington, D.C.? It has great places to eat, interesting people, and gorgeous architecture. But I am always truly captivated, disgusted, or enlightened by the history of our country.

I love to have an understanding of how things work. Why do we have racism, sexism, separation of church and state, war, trade agreements and outsourcing? The answers lie in the times before us. History answers the "why's" and gives context (understanding) to the questions we have about our lives today. 

And as ugly as it can be, our history is the foundation of what our present lives are built on. The people, the places, the laws (current or previously overturned), and struggles created the systems that give us the freedoms we have today and the knowledge to fight against current and future injustices that occur within those systems and threaten those freedoms. 

This morning, I was glad to see that Gov. Haley and South Carolina's representatives honored the nine victims of Emanuel Church (and perhaps the black citizens of South Carolina and the United States) by bringing down a symbol of hatred and sending it to it's rightful place: Locked behind a glass with other relics of some of our darkest moments - as history.