Monday Love Notes

EXCERPT - From Confessions of a Faithful Slacker

"None of us will ever measure up to Christ. Ever. Not even on our best day, in our best suit, or best shoes. Not with our kindest words, or our most sincere and personable gestures. We just can’t. The Bible tells us that we all fall short of the glory of God. Keyword: all. For this slacker, it’s just too much to bear."  

From the outside looking in, there are a lot of rules in Christianity. From the outside looking in, Christians only quote scripture and we only bless God all day and night. From the outside looking in, Christians may not even laugh or have a good time. From the outside looking in and on the inside looking out, some of Christians use bible verses to control or judge others and Oh. Em. Gee. Oh. Ver. Whelmed. 

Sometimes it's not even the bible saying this or that. It's someone else's/our own limited interpretation of the bible that leaves us feeling like we'll never measure up. But the truth is, we won't. And we have to be okay with that. Say it with me: "I am not Jesus. And I never will be." Now take a deep breath. Exhale. Ahhhhhh. 

For the faithful slacker who shied away from Jesus because of the fear factor of imperfection, once again, we'll never be perfect. But here's one more thing to ponder: there is no, "why try" option when it comes to Jesus (or anything you desire for that matter) and then you sit on the sidelines to wait it out. Not today and not ever. Sitting on the sidelines says I've chosen my team and the captains name starts with an S. 

We will never measure up to Christ, but if we seek Him, He will transform us into who He needs us to be. He will strengthen us to do what He'd have us do. We don't have to be perfect/get right to get God. We just have to open our hearts to Him. 

Have a blessed Monday yall! Make this week a great one!