Monday Love Notes

EXCERPT - Confessions of a Faithful Slacker - 7 Steps to Renewing Your Relationship with Christ



1.       loyal, constant, and steadfast

Synonyms: loyal, constant, true, devoted, unswerving, staunch, steadfast, dedicated, committed

2.       Having a strong belief in a particular religion

3.       True to the acts or the original

Synonyms: accurate, precise, exact, errorless, unerring, faultless, true, close, strict

Slack-er* \’sla-ker\

Noun 1898

1.       A person who shirks work or obligation

2.       A person and especially a young person who is perceived to be disaffected, apathetic, cynical, or lacking ambition

3.       An underachiever

 *This is also a word often associated with procrastination and mediocrity.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who did just enough so that you didn't exactly get angry, yet you weren't exactly pleased either? Or with someone who only did things for you if you did something for them first? Someone who did what you asked only when it seemed you might actually leave them for real? Or have you ever been in a relationship with someone who says all the right stuff, but their actions didn't measure up? Or someone whose "love" has arbitrary boundaries and limitations that keep the relationship from going to good or even great?

Have you ever been that way with God?

I know, Sugar, I know. Of course not.

But I have. 

I've been unfaithful to God, to the point that I was certain one day, He'd get fed up and whooosh! I don't know what I thought He'd do, but He'd do it. 

And one day, He changed the story I was writing. 


I sat in prayer and He gave me the title and chapter names for this book. I didn't understand them all. And what I did understand was perhaps only worth a paragraph of material. Sooo not enough for a book. But He was correcting me. And connecting me - with Him. He gave me an assignment that took five years because my purpose needed to be corrected and connected to Him. Author and Perfecter, indeed. 

I had already begun seeking Him and the relationship had moved from Dear God, can you help me, give me, bless me - to Dear God, I love you, thank you, bless Your name...and teach me. I can see that now, but at the time there was lots of frustration. I still needed His help. And finally I realized, I always would. But the difference was that I learned the relationship is not all about us - you or me. It is, however all about Him. Always.

God always gives us opportunities to develop the balanced relationship that says, we love You Lord and cherish You. And Thank You Lord for your mercy, your power in my life, and these blessings. But we have to open our hearts to see and hear Him at work. He doesn't want us to be faithful because He will smite us or anything like that. But He wants us to be faithful because we DECIDED to love Him without boundaries or selfish ambition.

Because that, is faithfulness - being loyal, constant, and steadfast.

And we want to be faithful to Him.


Don't we?