The Power of One...

I got to church late yesterday. You care. Admit it.

I jumped up at the last minute. Then because of my lack of planning, I had to find something grey to wear to commemorate Asthma Awareness Month at said church. That wasn't too hard. But then it needed ironing. Presently my days consist of tees and sweatpants or stretchy denims.  But this grey shirt... enthusiasm curbed. 


Fortunately, church was still in praise and worship AND singing one of my faves AND the usher placed me in the third row in this one empty seat between two sisters. Look. At. God. Score one for rolling up late? Not quite.

In other news, today is June 1. Seriously, can you feel the magic in that?

As a kid June was the end of the school year and then freedom in the new season: Summer! To this day, it still feels like June is the start of something new. One symbolizes the same.  

One also symbolizes:

  • Individuality; one of a kind-ness.
  • Priority; the top of the list, or first.
  • Universality: oneness of humanity or cause.  
  • The odds; One in a million.
  • One= Alone.

Why this randomosity?

Sunday’s experience combined with my marvels about June and the number one, taught me a few things:  Sometimes, where God is taking you only has one seat. We can miss an opportunity because we are trying to bring too many people along. Score one for rolling solo.

Our church commemorated Asthma Awareness because in February, my Pastor’s son died suddenly from an asthma attack. As we saw from his passing, God is no respecter of man – we will all go and we do not know the day or time that life will end.  So we have to take a chance in trusting His plan while we have this one shot to get it done.

No two people wearing grey, wore it the same. Even in our oneness in a cause, we were individual. God makes room for our one-of-a-kind-ness as we do Kingdom work. We cannot be afraid of it.

When we are afraid and clinging to old ways and people crutches, we limit the One true God who made us new with one purpose in mind: to serve Him and others.

Happy June 1st to you and Happy New You!