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Wisdom & Old Movies


I dated a guy once, who when confronted with a situation would often say, no thank you. I've seen this movie before. For instance, if he knew he was coming to pick me up, he would tell me a half hour earlier because he'd sat in the car for the extra half hour while I searched for keys, lip gloss, changed clothes again, or just plain moved like molasses.  It was his way of saying I will not be going down this road again because it's bumpy and wreaks havoc on my ride. 

Over time, I found myself saying or thinking it, too. I also found that it helped me maintain relationships and keep away from drama. It's wisdom!

If I know I am taking my mother to the mall and I know she likes to spend hours in one store until I'm out of my mind with hunger, I will either pack granola bars (or judge me not - peanut butter cups?) in my bag or visit the food court before her shop-a-thon. Why? Because the last time we did this, I had a massive headache and an attitude that beat out any housewife of any city you can name. I do not want to see that movie again.



I used to watch scary movies as a kid. But then, I'd be crazy afraid to go to the bathroom at night, turning on every single light on the way. Nightlight? No. Flashlight, hall light, any light. Then I'd be afraid to turn them back off. Ol' scary butt. So, I stopped watching those movies. Neither my bladder, nor my nerves could take the pressure much longer.

What movies in your life, do you watch and rewind repeatedly? Do you constantly fight with a co-worker who refuses to wash the coffee pot rather than just bringing your own coffee to work in a thermos? Are you dating the same kind of guy over and over again? Are you continuously taking jobs you hate because the money is good? 

What will it take for you to change the kind of movies you're watching?