Slacker Confessions: An Excerpt


Guess what day it is? Yup! Free excerpt day! 

Confessions of a Faithful Slacker - Excerpt

"The lure of sin is strong. Even when God has us in a place where He is refining us, the Devil has a habit of showing up. Sometimes, we take the old familiar bait; Or sometimes the bait may be shiny new and calling our names. Yet, still, God draws us back in."

Confessions of a Faithful Slacker, 7 Steps to Renewing Your Relationship with Christ. (July 2016)

Let's talk about the bait of sin. 

When we go fishing, the worm, to the human eye is a squirmy little creature. But to the fish, it's yum on a hook. And when it wiggles? Werrrk boo!  Don't yall wonder why after all this time the fish hasn't quite figured out that the worm on a hook is a major set up?! No shade to the fish because guess what? Neither have we.

I heard a preacher one time say, if the devil knows you like chicken, he's gon give you chicken! I happen to like chicken. Fried, baked, in salad, with macaroni, by itself. So this was one of those really clear moments for me. I got it.

Sin is like an ice cream sundae when you're fasting. Sin is like the really handsome guy at work who says all the right things. All the things your husband doesn't. Sin is like high cheekbones, cellulite free legs and perfect eyebrows. How does that fit? I don't know, but we're talking about how sin comes looking like the things we want.

Sin comes gift-wrapped in exactly what you like and desire. It looks good, tastes good, and feels good. And that's how we end up in predicaments that drain our joy. And drawn farther away from God.

That is its sole purpose. 

In the Garden, the serpent wanted to ensure they would take the bait (of knowing what God knew) and there would be a separation between God and man.

Even when the devil tempted Jesus in the desert, he offered power, riches, and food to satisfy his hunger (flesh.) What do people want? Power, riches, and food for the flesh.

I'd bet the farm that the apple was bright, pretty, and worm-free. And I'd also bet he showed up in the desert looking like a friend. Because: stranger danger. Hello?

I went off track from the excerpt. The point is God will have you back even when your sin creates a distance.. But the Spirit moved me to clarify the tactics so that we learn to swim past the hook and that shady worm... to avoid becoming sushi.

Happy Monday to you.



Originally posted on May 4, 2015.