Notes from Vacationland...

Flying into Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Flying into Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Vacationland is a real place. It's any destination where you suddenly have license to do nothing. And by do nothing I mean lay out at the pool and beach all day. Eat inordinate amounts of food. And be in bed at a decent hour. Of course, there are other types of vacations where you pile every tour and activity into every hour of the day and come back home more tired than when you left. But the former is the one I partook in. And completely enjoyed. 

Interesting things to know.

I went on vacation without my laptop. I know. Totally crazy. I had my tablet. And phone. But it wasn't the same. So I had no choice, but to relax.

Do you know what you can see when you stop to relax? 


The wonder of the Creator's magnificent hand.

These flowers were beautiful, but that palm tree was so unique.

Montego Bay Kids

Kids in action.

My niece and nephew. Who's coming, who's going? They both had their own plans though. His was to hit the pool. He was not feeling the sand!

Child's play.

My niece, while waiting for us to gather our stuff asked to go down near the water to play in the sand. No iPad, no nothing. Just a little girl with an imagination.  I love her little puffs blowing in the wind.

jamaican sunset


Every evening before dinner this was the view from my room. There were other gorgeous moments where the horizon was a rainbow sherbet of pink, orange, and lavender shadowed by velvet blue, but usually, I was so into them that I forgot to stop to take a picture. I know, who does that? :-)

Rest is good.