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EXCERPT - Confessions of a Faithful Slacker - 7 Steps to Restoring Your Relationship with Christ 

The Blind Slacker

You might hear this person say, I don’t believe in God anymore. I believe there is good energy and positivity. There’s also bad energy and negativity. Or, they might say, I believe that what goes around comes back around – and that’s it. Or, But if there is a God, how come all these bad things keep happening?

This person is a slacker only in the sense that he gave up on his faith. Usually, this is someone who believed God while praying for a certain outcome that, ultimately, didn’t happen. Subsequently, he is disappointed, hurt and feeling ignored by God so, in turn, he no longer sees God moving in his life or no longer believes that He even exists.

People like this may have been abused, or may have suffered a great loss; or they may have been waiting for some kind of breakthrough for a very long time (by human standards.) Or, they may have been sheltered as a child and raised to expect life to be free from adversity; a field of lilies and butterflies with rainbows.

Here is something to ponder about that field, though: Lilies are flowers, flowers attract butterflies, yes. But they also attract bees. Bees sting. Bee stings hurt. Some of us are allergic to bee stings and have terrible reactions. Furthermore, rainbows require that it rain (sometimes unexpectedly) and mean that the field will be soggy, and your brand new sneakers will get dirty in the mud. The sun will eventually come back out, of course; the flowers will glisten before your eyes, you’ll see your rainbow, you might see two, but in that moment you may still have a bee sting, cold, damp clothes, dirty sneakers, and ugly hair.

Get it?

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