The Alphabet of Success

Things I wish I knew a long time ago. Things I'm glad I didn't...


A – is for Achieve. Set your goals. See your goals through using excellence (small things done the proper way) as your measure. Trust that the Spirit will guide you.

B – is for Believe. Trust that although you cannot see it, what God has for you is for you and you alone. No man can tamper with it, delay it, or delete it.

C- is for Commit. Set your heart, mind and soul upon whatever task or goal you have set about to accomplish. It will never wilt under the triple-team.

D – is for Decide. Choose to surrender to your God-given passions. Choose to pursue them. Choose to honor and cherish them.

E- is for Encourage. Allow yourself to feel good about where you’re headed. Trust that you have the best Tour Guide. Remind yourself that you have strength, courage, and willpower from the greatest Source - Christ Jesus.

F – is for Forgive Yourself. Your past mistakes do not cancel out your future success. Who you once were does not mean greatness eludes you. Your purpose will be fulfilled if you allow yourself this small favor.

G – is for Get Started. Pack your go bag with all your swimming supplies. Walk toward the pool area. Apply sunscreen. Check for the Lifeguard. Jump in!

H – is for Honor Your Goals. Treat your goals like a spouse. Do not speak badly of her. Be by his side, seeing them through the good the bad and the super ugly.

I –is for Inspiration. Look right and left for a new source of light. Look within instead of out. Listen for His Divine word.

J – is for Joy. Keep your eyes focused on the good to come, even when the crazy has set in all around you.

K – is for Kick it up a notch. Try something new. Bigger, brighter, and bolder. Smaller, simpler, or sweeter. Just to see what you’re made of.  

L – is for Love. Love God and let His love flow into and through you. Love yourself despite mistakes and failures. Love others (sometimes from afar) despite betrayal and abandonment.

M – is for Motivate. Motivate yourself. Motivate the person who sits next to you. With a kind word or a memory of past victory.

N – is for Never Give Up. Your goal is your baby being cared for and raised to maturity. It needs your perseverance. And your love.

O – is for Open Your Heart to the Holy Spirit. Allow the Spirit to guide you. Allow your heart to be spoken into.

P – is for Protect Your Gifts. You cannot use your talents for everyone. You cannot use your talents for everything. They are sacred and deserve care, nurturing, and development.

Q – is for Quit Worrying. It doesn’t create a remedy and oftentimes leads to desperate (and regretful) decisions. Turn it loose, if you want to spend more time enjoying what does happen to be good.

R –is for Rest. Take a moment to enjoy stillness. Let your heart, mind, body, and soul recharge.

S –is for Savor the Experience. The journey is just as important as reaching the destination. Learn from it. And enjoy it.

T –is for Talk about your dream. Share your dream with those you trust. You never know from where your help comes.  

U – is for Upstage your last accomplishment. Celebrate it. Set and complete a new goal. Celebrate it. Repeat.

V – is for Value Your Ideas and Instincts. The crazier the notion, the better. They are yours for a reason. Go for it.

W –is for Wisdom. Your mistakes tell you what not to do, OR how to improve what you’ve done for the WIN.

X –is for X-Ray Your Motives. Figure out why you want what you want. It will take the unimportant stuff off the table.

Y –is for Yell for Help. God I Need You!

Z – is for ZigZag. Swerve left, instead of your regular right. Move up instead of going down. Try color instead of black and white. Unpredictable is good. No matter what the critics say.

Happy Tuesday!