Holding Patterns...

Imagine God created you to be an airplane. Don't raise your eyebrow, just imagine this with me.

God made you into an airplane - a sleek steel contraption that defies gravity by traveling through the air at speeds that were explained in the physics/math classes I avoided in school.  Thank God for you math people.

Welcome to Air Awesome. 

At Air Awesome, you're the airplane, the pilot, the mechanic, the gate agent, the flight attendant and the air marshal.  The Control Tower is, you guessed it: Jesus.

(Did yall notice I photoshopped my head into the pilot seat?) Anywho...

Anyway...The airplane's goal is to be a means of transportation for precious cargo: your purpose. The plane must be in good, working order to be effective and safe for all on board. If the plane is not up to safety standards, the cargo will not effectively get to its proper destination.

The pilot ensures the airplane (your mind, body, and spirit) is in good working condition by checking the control panels before takeoff. If something is our of alignment, the pilot must communicate with The Control Tower and the mechanic. 

The mechanic performs diagnostic tests and assessments. A minor adjustment may result in a delay in takeoff. A major adjustment my indicate a rescheduled or canceled flight. (Sorry, no refunds!) 

When that's complete everyone else's job begins. 

The gate agent's job isn't too difficult. Passengers have already been screened by security. Still there are dangerous weapons that are not always seen on first glance. She is required to check boarding passes to make sure that all passengers on this plane are headed to the same destination. It wouldn't make sense for someone who wants to go in another direction to just come along for the ride, especially when purpose is involved. Once the passengers are seated, the flight attendant takes over. 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for flying Air Awesome. Please fasten your seat belts as the pilot prepares for takeoff. In the event of doubt spreading through the cabin, a bible will drop out of the compartment above. Please read it first before you minister to the passenger next to you. We pray to the Control Tower for traveling mercies, wisdom to handle difficulty, and the faith to put it all in His hands. Amen."

She, too, is responsible for making sure everyone on board is heading to the same destination and behaving accordingly. 

Finally, it is time to go.

The airplane backs away from the gate, and taxis onto the tarmac. 

The airplane lurches forward, slowly, gliding surely, faster, moving deftly as though it's done this before; until it's nose lifts toward the sky and detaches itself from the ground below. It lifts higher, past the shrubs, higher, past the trees, higher, past the buildings, higher toward the blues of the sky and the clouds of the heavens. A bird with purpose.


At this stage, everything is going well. The pilot and passengers have clear expectations about what's to come and even greater hope for that which they cannot fathom. Everyone understands that the Control Tower has directed the flight plan and there is a possibility that the flight plan may change, but the purpose will not. Everyone understands this. Until turbulence hits. 

"Please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts," says the flight attendant as she scans the cabin for compliance. Nothing seems to be out of order. Except for two passengers grumbling among themselves. The bibles fall out from the  compartments above. Everyone in the cabin reaches for the bible. Except the two.

"I knew this was a bad idea." "We should have done it on our own."  "She's not even qualified to..."

The flight attendant signals the Air Marshal. The dangerous weapons have been located. Those two passengers?Ejected mid-flight.

Buh bye.

Soon after the airplane has navigated its way through the storms and bad weather it is just about time to land. 

The journey has taught us so many things, like who's for us or against us, just how much turbulence a person can take before becoming physically ill, and how much faith is required to go the distance. 

And finally, it's time to arrive at the destination!

Outside the window, the lights of the city seem to appear and disappear; appear and disappear again. 


"Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. It seems there is quite a bit of air traffic. As soon as things clear up on the ground, we will begin our descent."

Aha. Air Awesome is in a holding pattern.


Holding patterns are a state or period where there is no progress or change. Air Awesome cannot go higher, nor can it descend without permission.

We all have the capacity to take off, but the length of the journey depends on what holding patterns we (sometimes allow ourselves to) get stuck in. The holding patterns in our lives are sometimes there because we have not met the requirements needed to land. Perhaps when the turbulence came, a few passengers (our friends, companions, or team members) escaped noticed because they grumbled internally. But we know that they, too, must go. Perhaps we need to check our motivation. Perhaps we need to be more disciplined. Perhaps we are secretly reverting to old behaviors because the future scares us. Perhaps our relationship with God must be restored. 

Or it could be, it's nothing we've done. 

Maybe the airspace is crowded and God (The Control Tower) has to ensure that when Air Awesome lands, it has a gate in which to park before taking off on the next journey. Or maybe God, The Control Tower, cannot allow us to land because our airplane may collide with another airplane. Or maybe, if we find our planes in a holding pattern, it is simply not our time to land yet.

It's frustrating, tiring, and can be taxing on your patience. And mine. But the plane will land.

For He who began a good work will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6.

God's timing is perfect and what He has designed for us will be seen to completion as it says in His Word. Our faith requires that we continue to trust Him on each journey, despite turbulence, disturbances and delay. God will bring you to your destination, a little tired and perhaps jetlagged, but His word says He WILL get you there. 

Stand in faith, boo. God's got it covered.

Thank you for flying Air Awesome.