Monday Love Notes


Sealed with a kiss! Happy Monday!

EXCERPT - Rabbit's Lucky Number

As soon as he opened the door to the motel room, stale cigarette smoke clung to us like plastic wrap. Sha, who I guessed had done this before, pulled out a can of Lysol and sprayed until the mist covered every surface with an antiseptic dew. The room had two beds with ugly gold and green paisley spreads, a wooden desk and a phone on the night stand between the beds. I put my Jansport on the bed furthest from the door. Sha went to the bathroom and came back out in a t-shirt and sweat pants. He climbed into the other bed. I sat on the edge of mine.

“The sooner you lay down, the sooner it’ll be tomorrow and the sooner it will be over with,” he said.

“I know.” He rolled on his side.

“Sha?” I said.


“Never mind. It’s stupid.” I pulled the spread up over my jeans and sweatshirt. He clicked the light off.  I sighed.

“Come on, Ayj. Spill it.”

“How come you never tried anything with me?” I blurted it out so quickly, I’m sure it sounded like all one word. He didn’t answer.

“You think I’m ugly, Sha?” I felt self-conscious even in the dark.

“No. I think you’re a beautiful girl. But you’re a girl. What I look like, messin’ with a girl in high school and I’m damn near twenty-two?”

“Everybody does it.”

“When I look at you, I see Tanisha. I don’t see you in that way.”

“Okay, so suppose I wasn’t her friend? And suppose nobody would know?  Suppose I told you that I thought about you in that way.” Sha let out a deep breath.

“Get some sleep, Ayj.”

I was glad the light was off because my cheeks were hot as hell. I was hurt and confused and embarrassed that he didn’t want me. I fluffed my pillow and settled into night’s quietude. That’s the word I thought of at the time. Quietude. All that quietude was bad for the rejected heart.

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