For Colored Girls Who Binge On Cookies...


When the Green Smoothie Challenge Ain't Enuf...

Here's the problem.

Yesterday, I started a ten-day green smoothie cleanse challenge with my sugardumpling Mer.

Side ramble: I have a sister/girlfriend for everything. One (or two) for smoothie and exercise challenges like these, (quite a few) to pray the roof OFF, to strategize with, to (no longer) do ride-by's with. (Stop playing, yall know what a ride-by is. But I said we don't do that anymore...:), and so on and so forth. It's a mutual accountability. It keeps us honest.) Ramble done. 

So anyway, the way it works is that we have to have two smoothies per day to replace two meals and then we have a meal.


Except nobody told my body that we started this crazy challenge so it continued to crave things that it shouldn't. Like cereal, cookies, granola bars, cookies, and cookies.

No bueno. 

As I was blending the smoothie, the cookies jumped from the bag and landed in my hand which went to my mouth. But I knew it was bad. So very bad. So I didn't have another.

Fine. But I found out we can eat raw nuts. Except, I put Cajun seasoning on mine. Turns out, that's a no-no.

Then later on, I had my second smoothie. And was still hungry. So I had a bowl of cereal maybe 15-20 minutes later. I'm willing to bet it was closer to 15. Might have been less. It's been downhill since.

I used to be really good at this stuff once I set my mind to it. But, cookies.

So I got rid of them. And by got rid of them, I mean I ate. them. all. 

Today is a new day. I think I'll try a do-over.

Holy Spirit, I beseech theeeee.

For real.