Monday Love Notes

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EXCERPT - Confessions of a Faithful Slacker: 7 Steps to Renewing Your Relationship with Christ

On trusting God through difficulties and challenges...

"Imagine you’re Moses in the desert and God shows up as a burning bush.

First thought: That bush is weird. Second thought: And why is its flame not burning out?  Third thought, as you casually back away: Is it really talking, or am I tripping?

Nope, you determine. The bush called my name. It’s God.

So then you ask Him how to answer the many questions of the Israelites. He tells you the words to say, and even shows you miracles to perform! Yet, even still, your heart is filled with worry and doubt.

Moses (to himself): Dang. I stutter. But I don’t really want to tell God that I’m nervous about being His go-to-guy right now. *Sigh.* Let me gently remind him that I stutter.

Moses (to God): Hey, um, excuse me, God? I…just thought I should remind you…I have a stuttering problem.

According to the author: God rolls his eyes and continues to check His e-mail.

God (Exodus 3:11, as interpreted by the author): I know you stutter, Moses. I made you!

Moses: But God, please find someone else. Please.

According to the author: God closes His email and looks over his reading glasses.

God (Exodus 3:14 as interpreted by the author): Don’t make me smite you out here today Moses Aloysius Smith. Fine. Your brother will help you.


Moses confided in God. God helped him. So when we talk to Him about our own challenges, He will encourage us and/or send us help, too."

Psalm 46:1 says God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

That means that we can go to Him for shelter and we can garner the strength needed to weather the storms. Oftentimes our storms show up as doubt and worry over whether we will be who He needs us to be. But just as Moses found out, He equips us with all we need, and also WHO we need to get His work done.