Greatness is...

Greatness is the new black.

Okay. Let's be honest here. Greatness never, ever goes out of style.

For me it's about operating in excellence: being true to who God says you are and making sure that whoever you come in contact with sees it in themselves. I thought of all the people I admire (famous, but mostly not) and came up with the criteria for greatness.

Like to hear it? Here it go.

Greatness is knowing that God resides within. (And if God lives within, how could we not be predisposed for greatness?)

Greatness is love.

Greatness is faith and faithfulness.

Greatness is kindness.

Greatness is truth.

Greatness is seeing the good in others.

Greatness is having a standard for who and what will be allowed in our lives.

Greatness is understanding our strength and using it for good.

Greatness is trusting in our God-given abilities.

Greatness is loving through hurt.

Greatness is forgiving.

Greatness is trusting that we are enough.

Greatness is knowing our flaws, admitting, and accepting them.

Greatness is choosing excellence over mediocrity.

Greatness is saying yes when our fears tell us no.

Greatness is thinking for the future, but living in today.

Greatness is serving others.

Greatness is saying no to things that do not elevate us.

Greatness is saying yes to things that draw us closer to God.

Greatness is...[you.]

Originally posted on on March 11, 2015.