Monday Love Notes

Monday Magic, just for you! Enjoy!

EXCERPT - Rabbit's Lucky Number


But on this uncomfortably warm October morning, a muddy stream flows freely from my lips, making a liar out of me.

Rodney, or Hot Rod as the press loves to call him, is on the sports page of the New York Daily News, flashing a disarming million dollar smile. The words “Home Sweet Home” are perched atop his invisible horns confirming all that I’d hoped was a nasty rumor.

Contrary to what you may believe, the devil is not red and spike-tailed. His tongue is not black, or forked for that matter, and he does not hiss when he speaks. His disposition is not surly, nor his countenance sour.  In fact, when you first meet him, you would never even guess his true identity.

He is the owner of flawless peanut butter colored skin and eyelashes that are long enough to inspire envy. He is intelligent, spirited, and charming: a Mr. Personality, if you will.

At first, I think I’m okay. It’s nothing, Adrienne. Just relax. That’s what I tell myself. But I feel a familiar heaviness swelling in my chest even though I hold out hope that my luck will change with the flip of the newspaper.

Factory workers from Minneapolis cheese about the Mega Money Jackpot that should have been mine. I trash the newspaper, mulling over a new plan. A better plan. But I’ve got nothing.

More than splurge on my first pair of Gucci pumps and an MTV Cribs-worthy house for my daughter Angela and myself, I intended to get as far away from New York as I could before Hurricane Rodney made landfall.

Adrienne gets a sudden blast from the past; an unwelcome one at that. Will the hurricane touch down or will it move out to sea? Find out HERE.