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courtesy of popupbookshop

courtesy of popupbookshop

Guess what day it is? Yes, that's right. Free Excerpt Day! Enjoy!

EXCERPT - Rabbit's Lucky Number

“DON’T YOU BE LETTIN’ them boys rub up on your tootie. Thas how you get pregnant.” My mother darned my father socks watching Wheel of Fortune.

“From dancing?” I asked.

“Yes.” She shouted at the TV.  “Ax for a ‘M’, fool!”

“But I thought…”

“Have I ever told you somethin’ that was wrong?”

“No, but in school…”

“All them little books and gifted classes don’t tell you everything. I may not know ‘bout no Shakespeare or nunna that. But one thing I know about is life.”

My father rushed through the front door breaking up my life lesson. Pregnant from dancing? That was new! He hung up his black pea coat and beret that was – according to him - ‘like how Huey Newton used to wear’. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it was 1986 and it was time to get with the Kangol. When he kissed my forehead, he didn’t smell like saw dust from the furniture factory where he worked, but more like the regular Grey Flannel and a touch of Miss Pam’s funny cigarettes.

“What you doing home so early, Dub?”

“Don’t mind that. Put the game on! Rho, why yall ain’t looking at the game?” He turned the dial on the television.

“Hell, Dub. I was watching that. You can’t just be turning the channel like that!”

“Adrienne, you gonna watch the game with me? Skyscrapers and Shamrocks playin’.”


“The game don’t start ‘til eight! I wanted to solve the puzzle!”

“It was geranium,” I said.

“The hell with yall! Get on my damn nerves!” She stomped off to the kitchen. The telephone rang. I jumped the sofa and table trying to beat my mother to the phone. I didn't.

“Adrienne. It’s that Corey boy, again.”

“I got it, Ma.” But she wasn't done embarrassing me.

“Corey. This hour is fine, but don’t be callin’ my house past nine-thirty no more or I’ma put Adrienne’s Daddy on the case..."

Parents do their best to protect their children. Sometimes, they think they're protecting their kids by withholding information. Do you think Adrienne's mother would have better off explaining how dancing in a suggestive way could lead to having sex? Or do you think it better that she just told her not to do it, period? 

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