Love Never Fails...


It's Valentine's Day. A day for lovers.

And a day for many single women to lament the fact that they are not boo'ed up. I hear all the talk about taking yourself out to eat, celebrating with your girlfriends so you don't have to be home on Valentines Day and on a Saturday night, blah, blah, blah.

Today, I'm going to be home. Chilling.

I'm going to watch Marriage Boot Camp on my DVR. I love to watch Marriage Boot Camp because it takes a lot of the mystery away from married life. And it shows the things that couples struggle over - even when on the outside everything looks great. Fairytales are nice, when you're sixteen. 

Side note: Some of you married girlfriends, sometimes, you pretend things are all good, and you don't help any of us singles get prepared to be with someone forever. It's not that we want to know your business, but hello? A heads up would be nice. 

But anyway. After I watch that, I'm going to finish touching up a painting. I'll probably contemplate texting someone I still love. And then I'm not going to do it. We are apart, but I trust that God's love for me and for him has separated us for a really good reason. 

Thankfully, after quite some time, it doesn't hurt. 

I trust that God loves me and knows what He's doing. Man's love may fade. It may die. But God's love never, ever, ever fails. 

Know what I realized? Sometimes love doesn't look like what we think it should. We think love is having everything we want. But if you're a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, you know that sometimes withholding things until the right time, if ever, is love, too. 

My niece, like most little girls, loves Frozen. If you've been anywhere near Target or a toy store, or anywhere, you know that there are Frozen dolls, books, toys, games, everything. My niece is six, so a lot of the toys are things she can play with. But if she were younger, say two or three years old, there would be certain toys I could not buy for her because she might actually put some of the tiny pieces in her mouth and choke on it. On top of that, even at six, I will not buy her all of the Frozen dolls her heart desires because she will grow unappreciative of the gifts and begin to feel entitled, and thus spoiled.

Love says, no, she cannot have that because she is not ready. Love says, all things in moderation. Love says wait on God.

For the single women who are sad over this day, I ask you to check in with God today. Let Him know how much you love Him instead of asking Him to give you a man to love. Ask Him to reveal to you what you need to know about you that needs to be fixed. Are you making that man your idol? Placing him before God (and everything else?) Are you mature enough? Are you placing blame at everyone else's doorstep? Are you willing to take responsibility for your actions? And for someone else's emotions? Have you forgiven yourself and others? Communication issues? Old hurts? (Thank you Marriage Boot Camp and real life!) We will never be perfect, but sometimes the delay is because although we think we get married to get the perks, we really get married to give. And to be the living example of what Christ's love looks like - kind, forgiving, faithful, true, loving the other as we love ourselves.  

It doesn't feel good to drudge up these things, but I promise if you get to the bottom of things with you, first and foremost, where your relationship with God stands, God will surely bless you with the desires of your heart. 

Happy Valentines Day, my sweet. Enjoy it in His presence.