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Food for the Soul!


Hello, hello, hello!

Join me on Periscope every Tuesday at 2 PM!

My thought process behind the show title was along the lines of "You are what you eat" and how the hunger for spiritual food and meat is always at the root of what I'm searching for. So I figured if I did a show I'd want it to be nourishing and filled with wisdom, love, and knowledge. And sometimes, dessert because if we eat enough of it we'll be sweet? Right? Right? Yes, I tried it. :-)

Last week was the first one. I was nervous! Nervous I tell you! I was jittery all day and couldn't even eat! I took a nap afterward, I was so drained from preparing and being anxious. Tomorrow, I'll remember to pray that anxiety away.

Anyway, here's the lineup...

1st Tuesdays - Soul Food

2nd Tuesdays - Heart Food

3rd Tuesdays - Brain Food

4th Tuesdays - Restaurant Run!

Go to GP Scope to see a list of the Weekly Shows with my fabulous SIsters-in-Christ and more!