Tea Time: Aunt Say


Here he go, tryna sit next to me again. I already told him that this seat is taken, but he don't like to listen. He keeps talking about Alberta and Rhona and how he loves them. I don't know why he's telling me about this now in the middle of court.

Rodney Jr. is on trial and I am worried about my son. I ain't been the best mother. Juicie made me stop and take a real hard look at myself. And I know these kids coulda turned out better if I'da just made Big Rodney go get a job. But what I do? Go get a job and another job and then the next thing you know Big Rodney is the face they see in the morning before I get in. And in the night before they went to bed.

And not only that. I gave up. I did not fight for my kids 'cause I was mad that I hadda have 'em. And have 'em with Big Rodney at that. 

The Judge keep looking at Big Rodney who keeps rubbing his leg like a ol' pervert. 

He makes me so mad sometimes, I just want to beat him.

Even with my spine all out of line, I could beat him. I would beat him. But I don't have to 'cause he been beaten by life already. I see it in the stoop of his back, and the way he drops his eyes to ask Rodney Jr. to buy him something else, and the way he can't make eye contact because we all know how he is.  

Oh. It's not that I'm happy he's down. But I'm not exactly sad either.

Vengeance is mine said the Lord.

I'm glad I've lived to see it.