Friday Wrap Up

Thanks for taking a flashback ride with Rabbit and the crew. Rabbit's Lucky Number is written from Rabbit's point of view as a teenager, all the way through to being a single mother. It was fun to see her thought process change as she grew up, and then at times revert when she was faced with hidden insecurities and old hurts that bubbled under the surface.

Tea Times were designed to give you, the reader, more insight into who her people are and what their past and present world looks like to them. The last two weeks were from the past. The next two weeks are the present. And remember, you have to read the blog because these posts are not included in the book!

As a writer, once the story is done, it's like saying there's no more. But these characters still have a lot to tell you. As long as they're giving me the tea, I'm giving you the tea. Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, if you have questions for them, please, feel free to drop us a line! We'll post your name, question, and the answer in our Q&A posts. 

Happy weekending!