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Tea Time: Adrienne "Rabbit" Fuller

Don’t tell me how to play the game. I know I’m supposed to pick four different guys, but that’s who I pick. If it’s not Corey, it’s not happening. I’ll be a nun like Sister Fortunata in the convent down the block first.
— Adrienne (a.k.a.) Rabbit, Rabbit's Lucky Number


I like to play that game. Yall know how it goes right? Since my birthday is in July, I'ma make it easy for you and choose 7. After I make four lists (where I'll live, who I'll marry, what car I'll drive, and how many kids I'll have) I keep scratching off every seventh thing on my list until there are one of each left. My notebook is full of these. All of my notebooks, actually. Even the ones stacked on the shelf that's right next to my closet. My closet door is ajar and my hamper is overflowing. Mommy hates when I say ajar. "Why you can't just say it's open, Adrienne?" I always say that I don't know. Like munificent. I read that in a book once. I told my mother she was munificent for letting my cousins live with us. She said, "There you go again." And she threw a white eyelet pillow at my head and walked out. I want my house to have eyelet curtains when I grow up.

Oh yeah. So anyway, MASH.

Mansion. Apartment. Shelter. House.

Who will I marry?

Even though I'm only thirteen? Corey. Corey. Corey. And Corey.

Don't tell me how to play the game. I know I'm supposed to pick four different guys, but that's who I pick. If it's not Corey, it's not happening. I'll be a nun like Sister Fortunata in the convent down the block first.

Okay, okay. So what kind of car?

A red Jetta - it's gotta be red. A Nissan Maxima. A Nissan Pulsar NX. A Mercedes Benz. (That one is for him, because I don't even want an old car like that. But he said they're nice.)

1 kid. 2 kids. 3 kids. No kids. Nobody is having four kids. I don't care if it's Corey's kids. We are not having four kids. That's just too many people hogging the bathroom. And how will I be able to read with all those kids making noise.

Oh shoot. 

"Yes, Mommy? Yes, I'm doing my homework." 

"No, I'm not doing foolishness up here."

Whew. She's always in my business. Y'all get outta here before you get me in trouble.

Bye. Oh yeah. *whispering* Mansion, Corey, Red Jetta, 2 kids.