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Mondays are Free Excerpt Day!

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Mondays are not quite the drag we make it out to be. Okay, well maybe they are. But that's why we've designated Mondays as Free Excerpt Day!

I happen to think Monday deserves just as much shine as everyone else. And maybe a little glitter. Because glitter makes everything right. Except in the case of strippers and husbands, and yeah. 

So scroll down for your free excerpt, filled with virtual gold and pink glitter so no one gets in trouble. 

Sprinkle, sprinkle!



September 1986 

Wilcox High looked like an enormous limestone castle as we approached it. The gates guarded the grass moats on the side, while the front entryway was swarmed with laughing and grumbling serfs and peasants. I giggled at my medieval observations. Kerri would definitely think I was a nerd for that.

The guys were styled out in the latest brown suede Clarks with straight leg jeans. And the girls? Tight Lee Jeans with tight Le Tigre shirts. Sergio Valente jeans. Coca Cola Shirts in turquoise or red. And the jewelry? The bigger and shinier the better. Rings. Earrings. Rope chains. All in extra large. Kerri had her prep look going, defying the masses. A blue Polo Rugby. I felt like I was in uniform in my Lee’s and baby pink LeTigre.  I felt like I fit in for a change.

“Aren’t you nervous?” I asked Kerri.

“Nope.” She scratched her arm.

“How come you can’t just admit you’re nervous, too?”

“Because I’m not nervous!” She scratched again. Kerri was a trip.

Conversations swirled around us. Everyone but us little freshmen had something to say.

“Senior homeroom seven-oh-five. That’s right. Respect your elders.”

“I can’t stand Miss Norwood. She a witch!”

“Fifth period was the dopest lunch period last year. If Mr. Levy is the dean, you know it’s gonna be fly!”

All of a sudden, Kerri started bugging out.

“TaQuisha! Jasmine! Over here!” I had never seen her so hyped before. She waved her arms in the air, beckoning them over. I had to admit, they were fly with their MCM bags and brand new haircuts from Black Hair Is. But they were Lashelle’s homegirls from way across the park. The ones I refused to introduce her to. She lowered her voice.

“They were the flyest girls in my old building, Rabbit. So don’t embarrass me.” Her voice got loud again.

“Quisha, Jazzy, this my lil’ cousin, Rabbit. She thirteen, but she smart. Like Revenge of the Nerds smart.”  My eyebrows shot up. “But thank God I hooked her up so she doesn’t look like it.”

“Hello? I’m standing right here…”

“Rabbit? What kinda name is that?” asked TaQuisha.

“My name is--” Kerri cut me off before my neck could make its full rotation. 

“Cause she had had buck-teef. So Roddy had gave her that name.”

“Rotnee? Oh word? I seent him at the park last week and his game had lookted good. He playin’ again this year?” asked Jasmine.

“Yup. And he gonna be on the Varsity. That’s the juniors and seniors. Only the best players be on Varsity. And everybody know Roddy is the best!

I waited against the gate by myself, disappointed and pissed. It wasn’t my fault I got skipped. And why’d she have to tell them I was thirteen? Oh! And the nerd thing?! Where did that come from? I looked over at her and rolled my eyes. She didn’t even notice because she was still jabbering about Rot-neee.

A candy apple red Jetta with a skirt and spoilers pulled up to the curb with the bass thumping. Lashelle Johnson stepped out in the freshest Nike tracksuit. Every girl in the courtyard made a mental note to get one. I know I did. Jasmine and TaQuisha squealed and ran over leaving Kerri alone at the gate. I turned my back on her treasonous behind. Rodney sat at the top of the steps with his ball player friends and a group of prissy girls that were giggling at everything he said. I knew Rodney. He wasn’t that funny. But when he saw me looking his way, he yanked the collar of his red Polo and gave me a thumbs up. All I could do was laugh.  Maybe he was kind of funny.


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