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Tales of a Starving Artist


Okay, so I'm not really starving. According to the scale and the squeeze of my belt, I'm far from starving. But that's because I have family who loves me.

Here's my deal.

I'm a writer. A pretty good one, if I go by what I've heard.

Stepping out on faith, I left my full-time-with-benefits job as a secretary back in July 2013. Excited and nervous, I set out to live my dream of writing full-time and hitting the Bestsellers List. But it hasn't quite happened that way. Yet.

(UPDATE. In 2016, I set out again, at God's direction for a journey to Oklahoma City, where I now reside. Yes. The Brooklyn Girl is now living in a Midwestern world. That is a journey that I had no choice but to record, and will soon share with the world. Because: miracles.)

But about those books. See, I've completed the writings, but the thing about books, is that they need all these petty things like promotion and exposure before they get to your hands. And then, as if that isn't enough, these pesky bills have a funny way of outlasting the funds. And even when those prayed-upon lump sums of money come in, those bills still have a way of showing up again and again despite those lump sum payments. I know! That's crazy, right?! 

I mean honestly, one can only stave off Sallie Mae (or Great Lakes or whatever these fortune hunters are calling themselves now) for so long. Playing telephone with Campbell Soup cans was only cute when we were kids. And el banco really, really, really wants its dinero for el carro pronto.

That's (most of) my story.

And so the Pop-Up Book Shop was born.

I'm not even shy or ashamed of what I'm about to say because, as you well know, "A closed mouth don't get fed." Literally or figuratively.

So buy my books. Not only because it will keep some meat on this starving artist's bones, but because God really gave me some things to share with you that I know are transformative. And I kinda (really and truly) believe they will bless you.