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New Things...


So, I've been away from blogging for a bit. The Lord had me in a place of quiet where I could only share tidbits here and there. I didn't create much of anything. I just spent my time in His presence and tending to relationships with people I love. It was great and frustrating. I am built to create.

So what did I do while I couldn't create? I went to Florida for my niece's birthday and hung out with my sister for six weeks. I should be in great shape. I ran after an 18 month old who moves faster than your age after you hit thirty-five, wrestled with a ten year old over the remote because: when in Rome, you, too behave like a ten year old, and I tended my sister's garden with my seven year old niece, now nicknamed the Junior Plant Doctor.

This is what we planted...




About two years ago, I used to have her 'help' me water some baby plants I kept on the windowsill. When the tiny sprouts would come up, she (and I) would be so excited. She even liked to help me in the garden - until any unidentifiable bug flew by. I don't know if she likes planting or if she just likes hanging out with me. I do know, she didn't like the bugs.

During my stay, I sat out in the sun nearly everyday. Some days with my Bible, some days with my face turned to the sky, taking in the beauty of His creation. I'm a simple girl. I, like my niece, like (controlled) nature. The snake in the yard, get thee behind me! And the geckos, y'all cool until you run out of the bushes unannounced. Being back in New York, I miss my family and being outdoors. But all seasons must come to an end. And toward the end of that season, God planted some new seeds in me, a book called How to Pray: A Simple 3-Step Guide for Christians Who Were Afraid to Ask. 

I'm back.

With some seeds that I pray will bloom beautifully in your life.



Two weeks ago, my sister asked me to send her some pictures that I had on my computer. When I opened my comp, I was met with the "restarting" message above. I snapped a pic and I told her that this is what's holding me up.

She wrote back, "That would be a great blog post."


It's like she could see the future or something. Because that week proved to be a week all about restarting. I don't like to say this because people, even believers, think it sounds crazy, but God told me to do a few things last week that meant I'd have to start over. I had to call someone who I knew wouldn't be receptive to my calling him (period) or to what God told me to tell him. He misconstrued it. (Was that about "restarting"? Only God knows. But it restarted an old pain.)  I had to let go of a work/spiritual relationship that allowed me to serve and learn. That confused me, because I genuinely enjoyed working with this team of women and was serving God at the same time. And then my car, my sweet baby, refused to start.

I had to talk to God; like have a real heart-to-heart.

At one point, I even told Him, "You are so annoying" because I got two messages afterward that I didn't understand. But I also had to say, I trust You. I don't understand You, God, but I trust You.

On the day of my car crisis, my goodgirlfriend who I hadn't spoken to in a few weeks called me out of the blue JUST AS I'D STARTED CRYING.

And she stayed on the phone with me until the man came to tow my car. And she sent me a video that made me ugly laugh/cry so hard. And she just cared about me. And I knew (yet again) that God cared about me.

She only called me to say hi. And was met with tears. She didn't know that I needed her call that day. I didn't know that I needed her call. But God knew.

A day later, I had to rebuke the enemy because my feelings were saying that following God caused rejection and pain and I was feeling discouraged. (Read more on not letting your emotions be the boss of you ---> HERE.)

And then, God told me to change my name. I have been going by Pearson Lee since about 2006 when I realized I was going to be an author. Pearson Lee was my rock star name! For me, Lisa Pearson was so simple. A regular name. And I realize, that it's perfectly fine for what God is doing with me. I'm not the rock star. God is.

So anyway, where was I? Oh yes, restarting.

Yep. That's where I am. 

Here. Restarting. Rebooting. Waiting.

With my feelings in check. With great hope.

And lots of prayer.

I trust You.

I don't understand You, God, but I trust You.





Good Shepherds, Humble Sheep


Father, we thank you for the leaders in our lives who mature us in immeasurable ways. We thank you for the lessons they impart intentionally; and in their humanity, the lessons they impart unintentionally. Father, give us discernment on these relationships, make us sensitive to the work of the Holy Spirit, and show us best how to use all we’ve learned. Father we thank You for your love that molds us and shapes us into who You intended us to be! And that all of it is for Your glory! We give You the Glory, in Jesus name! 

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Shade is the new black.

Petty is the new shade.

Slander is gold.

Lies are lauded as truth.

Our famous Gladiators are still revered when they win. But in this new arena, they, and anyone else in the public eye for any reason, are subject to scrutiny beyond comprehension. In this arena, the messier stories spread fastest, the nastiest comments have the most likes, and other people’s flaws are highlighted for entertainment. And there is always a detractor and a hater no matter how upstanding a person is. The audience and the lion can be one and the same.

It’s violence.

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Food for the Soul!


Hello, hello, hello!

Join me on Periscope every Tuesday at 2 PM!

My thought process behind the show title was along the lines of "You are what you eat" and how the hunger for spiritual food and meat is always at the root of what I'm searching for. So I figured if I did a show I'd want it to be nourishing and filled with wisdom, love, and knowledge. And sometimes, dessert because if we eat enough of it we'll be sweet? Right? Right? Yes, I tried it. :-)

Last week was the first one. I was nervous! Nervous I tell you! I was jittery all day and couldn't even eat! I took a nap afterward, I was so drained from preparing and being anxious. Tomorrow, I'll remember to pray that anxiety away.

Anyway, here's the lineup...

1st Tuesdays - Soul Food

2nd Tuesdays - Heart Food

3rd Tuesdays - Brain Food

4th Tuesdays - Restaurant Run!

Go to GP Scope to see a list of the Weekly Shows with my fabulous SIsters-in-Christ and more! 


A Letter for Pastor


Dear Pastor,

This letter is long overdue.

You might be surprised, but it’s not a complaint. It’s a letter of thanks.

It’s not because you prayed for us or have spoken a prophetic word over our lives. Or baptized our children or counseled us in our marriage; although that is appreciated.

The thing is, we get up on a Sunday and we get dressed and we come to church. We praise and worship, and listen to announcements...

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Tales of the Undergrad Grandma


I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in the same year that I turned forty. For two-thirds of the time, I was a full-fledged adult and full-time student working a full-time job. There were nights where I prayed and I cried.

It was hard work squared; writing papers during my lunch break, using sick days to finish my paper (some of which was brought on by procrastination) - and then struggling through the real sick days. And my social life? Sad-face emoji. I know I’m not making this sound very appealing, but I’m talking about this because someone out there is about to take this journey and I want to share a little of what to expect so you don’t about-face and forward march back to the Bursar’s Office for a refund.  There were many bright days, but it was quite a crazy, beautiful journey.

Navigating College as an Adult Learner…

  • If you are going to a traditional community college or four-year school, some of your classmates are going to be young enough to be your children. They will ignore you. But the smart ones will appreciate your wisdom. Or they’ll ignore you, too.

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